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Mobile Bike PRO


Areas Serviced:

Lake County, Marion County, Sumpter County, Orange County, Seminol County

Current Bikes Ridden:

Mountain, E-Mountain, Road/Gravel, Cruiser, Utility, Police.

Years as a Mechanic:



MBP is fast, efficient, and significantly less expense & hassle of going to a local bike shop. But you still get a full bike shop experience at the comfort of your home.

MBP is locally owned and operated by William Stock, a home owner and resident of Grand Island Florida. MBP is not a franchise, is not run by kids with tools. Rather William, or Bill (that's me) is an accomplished finance professional- retired before age 50 to follow a passion, and that is bikes, especially electric bikes.

I took up eBike engineering as a hobby, and designed the Fuse Enduro Sport - a high-end, off road EMTB dirt bike designed for speed, and agility with full independent suspension, and hydraulicdisc breaks- yet still a bicycle. Overpowered with a switch that takes the bike from 750W @ 30 MPH to SPORT mode at 1350W @ 45 MPH. To propell this machine we designed a State of the art 52V battery. The only battery system that is under seat/saddle mounted. Capable to 40 miles on a 3hr. charge & weighing only 3.3lbs. We call it the "Fuse Box".

Point is, I am passionate about bikes and E bikes. I am the Owner, I am your Tech and I care about your experience with MBP to me its personal, just like your bike is to you.

What to expect from a Home Bike Shop Visit?
I arrive in a newer black suv (that is clean, maintained and well kept). I will be uniformed in company attire. The service vehicle will be equipped with all the tools, racks, and stands to complete most jobs on the spot, and most anything done on spot can be completed in less than an hour.
All we will need is: a place to setup, and work.

After the work is done, we remove any debris, bad parts/tubes ect... and attempt to leave our work space as if we were never there.

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