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Using myBike Mobile Mechanic

How does myBike Mobile Mechanic work?

Select a service based on what you need done for your for your bike.  This could be a bike tune up, a new bike assembly, or a general service.  You may not know exactly what your bike needs, and that's ok as well.  Select your desired appointment time and confirm your appointment.  Following the booking of your appointment, one of our service writers will contact you to confirm you are all set with the right service.  From there, a mechanic will come to your desired location as specified when booking the appointment.  If you are at all uncertain of the service your bike needs, you are welcome to contact our service writers in advance of booking the appointment.  We can be reached at (951) 801-2495.  You can also email us at

Why choose myBike Mechanic?

1.  Convenience

We aim to make the bike tune up and repair process as convenient as possible.  We come to your home, office or other preferred location in order to perform our repairs or upgrades so you can continue to work or be with your family all while you bike is getting the work that it needs.

2.  Minimal Time Off Your Bike

Given that we come to you at a set appointment time, this means minimal time off your bike.  Assuming your bike is still ridable, you can be riding up until the time we come to perform the necessary service.  There's no waiting for us to get to your bike while it sits on a rack waiting to be serviced.

3.  Service Guarantee

We stand behind you as our customer with a 100% money back guarantee.  While each of our mechanics strive to restore your bike back to tip top condition, in the outside chance you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll work with you to either provide further repairs or give you your money back.


How can I find out the price of various bike mechanic services?

For many of the repair and upgrade services we offer such as tune ups, and bike assembly, our competitive prices can be found when booking your service in the Book Service section of the site.  For more specific needs, you can contact our service writers at (951) 801-2495 or

Are your services more expensive than a bike shop?

No.  We are constantly surveying service rates in each market to ensure our rates are competitive.  By connecting you directly with a local pro mechanic, you get all the convenience of at your doorstep service while still getting a fair and competitive price.


How and when will I know what repairs my bike is in need of?

In some situations, you may be aware of the service you are seeking.  This may be the true if you are looking for an overall tune up, a tire change, or another easily diagnosable problem.  In other situations, the problem that needs fixing may be more elusive.  In these cases our service writers will work with you to diagnose the problem.  A service writer will contact you after you book your appointment but before a mechanic comes to your location.  If possible, the service writer may coordinate a brief video call to see your bike or ask for photos if a video call is not possible.  The more information you provide, the better prepared our mechanics can be to meet your needs efficiently and effectively upon arrival at your appointment time.


When will I pay for the repair?

Payment is collected at the time of booking based on the service requested in the checkout process.  If additional service is determined to be needed at the time of service, that service can be paid for on the spot with the mechanic.

Book, Reschedule, Cancel

How can I contact the mechanic?

You can call or text us at (951) 801-2495 and we will handle everything for you.  We will confirm the availability of our mechanic at a different time.

What is the cancellation policy?

We know that schedules change. If you're unable to make your appointment, please contact our customer success team who can assist in cancelling or rescheduling.  There may be a fee for cancelling within 24 hours.

Using myBike Mechanic
Why myBike Mechanic
Book, Reschedule, Cancel
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