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Our Mechanics

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We understand that the final outcome of your bicycle service will rest in the hands of a qualified mechanic.  For that reason,  all of our mechanics are required to pass a 6-step myBike Mechanic certification process prior to being able to provide service through our platform.

Our Mechanics

Our Mechanics

All our mechanics are required to provide proof of their background and experience as bicycle mechanics which most often comes in past experience working in bike shops.  This proof is gathered in a variety of ways and may include:  customer references, manager references, and photos of work performed.

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In addition to confirming past mechanic work experience, all of our contracted mechanics are required to pass an exam to assess and confirm their skill are at an acceptable level to become myBike Certified and offer service through our site.

In addition to confirming past mechanic work experience, all of our contracted mechanics are given a background check prior to being permitted to book service through our site.

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Knowing how to get the job done is of upmost importance when it comes to performing bicycle repair service.  Almost just as important is having the right tools to do the job.  To that end, we validate each of our mechanics' tool sets prior to certifying them as myBike Mechanics.

We expect things to go right every time and work hard to ensure that is the outcome.  But we want you to know that we're prepared in the event of a problem.  We carry insurance just in case to give everyone the needed peace of mind.

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In addition to completing the other 5 steps above, it's important to us to personally vet each of our mechanics prior to offering their services on our site.  To that end, our team interviews each one prior to final myBike Mechanic certification.

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All mechanics must pass our 6-step process prior to booking service on our site.

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